Satan Was Never Archangel


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Once upon a time, we were told a fairy tale which has caused a generational and global doctrinal error.

We were given the idea that Satan was once an archangel named Lucifer, who rebelled against & threatened God’s throne. He wanted to be like the Most High and he succeeded to influence 1/3 of God’s angels to revolt against Him. His rebellion led to a war in heaven and God commanded Archangel Michael to fight the devil. He was defeated and kicked out of heaven and as he left, he took the one third of God’s angels who backed him up and they became the demons on earth.

If God couldn’t handle Satan in heaven why leave him on earth to destroy mankind? Doesn’t it sound unfair? A devil that had threatened the heaven of God was cast down to be left without constrain to unleash his wrath on mortals; sounds more like a terrible injustice! Unfortunately, this is a lie that has been believed over the years.

Pastor John has been assigned by God to correct this error. This is a MUST READ before taking your position. Be blessed!