The ROAR OF WAR e-book (French Edition)


In the beginning, there was a language— the language that birthed the galaxies and whispered life into being. A dimension of vibrations that set the world into motion. There exists a mystic language in the realms beyond our senses, a language spoken in the hallowed halls of the unseen. It is a language understood not by the physical ears but by the spirit—a language of symbols, realms and dimensions.

Through this book, you will be guided on cultivating the vibrations of your spirit for ascension to command spiritual altars and creatures.

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Grâce à ce livre, vous serez guidé et mis au défi de cultiver les vibrations de votre esprit pour l’ascension vers
commander des autels et des créatures spirituelles. La guerre dans les cieux est réelle et la bataille s’étend bien au-delà de nos frontières.
perception immédiate.